The sign up process with JewishCafe is relatively straightforward and you will be able to get it done within few minutes. After signing up, the users will be provided with direct access to the key features that can be found on the website. The website has a clunky menu and it is somewhat less responsive when compared to menu buttons that can be found in other dating websites. However, it is not in a position to create any major impact on the user experience offered through this app.

A decent amount of options have been provided to the users who use JewishCafe in order to look for potential matches. Since this website is dedicated for Jewish singles, the users have a very high chance of coming across the potential matches that they prefer.

One of the most outstanding features that can be found in JewishCafe is the Quick Match functionality. Users who select this option would be paired with potential Jewish singles who live in the same area and belong to the same category. In addition, they would be interested in having the same type of a relationship. This can be considered as a simple and a straightforward method available for the users of JewishCafe to get to know about a potential partner to date.

JewishCafe is engaged with the process of sponsoring a large number of events. The members will be able to take part in these events as well and interact with the like-minded singles who are from the same dating platform.


The basic account in JewishCafe is offered for free like in other dating websites. However, it comes along with minimum features. To obtain a one month membership, the users will have to pay $32.95. By opting for 3 month, 6 month and 12 month memberships, the users will be able to save 55%, 65% and 75% respectively.


It offers members with access to sponsored events.

With the free membership, users will be provided with access to all features within first two weeks.

The premium memberships are marked at a relatively low price.


It is possible to find a large number of incomplete profiles in JewishCafe.

Final Words

People who are looking forward to take online dating to a whole new level with casual meet-ups can think about using JewishCafe. It is ideal for the Jewish singles to get in touch with the perfect partner to date.

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